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Konstandinos (Dino) Mahoney, based in London and the Greek island of Aegina is of Greek-English-Irish heritage. He won publication of his second collection, ‘THE GREAT COMET OF 1996 FORETELLS’ in the Live Canon Poetry Collection Competition 2021, published 2022. His first collection, 'TUTTI FRUTTI' was a Sentinel Publication Poetry Book Competition winner. Dino won the Poetry Society’s Stanza Competition with his poem, 'Dr Mirabilis and the Brass Wall That Will Save England.' He teaches Creative Writing at Hong Kong University (visiting lecturer), blogs for the Asian Literary Review, and is rep for Barnes and Chiswick Stanza. He is also part of DINO and the DIAMONDS a group that performs his poems as songs.  

Listen to Dino reading from 'The Great Comet of 1996 Foretells': youtu.be/niP5AIWvcXc

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Excerpts from reviews of TUTTI FRUTTI:

"TUTTI FRUTTI is hot, sexy, witty and engrossing, Mahoney examines relationships, gay and straight, in an edgy, heart-warming fashion." (Lisa Kelly - Chair of Magma Poetry)


"TUTTI FRUTTI is a tour de force. The style and form of each poems fit the content perfectly. The reader is led, sometimes gently and sometimes not so gently, to different places round the world and places with ourselves." (Wendy French - London Grip)


"A skilled observer, Konstandinos Mahoney communicates his enthusiasm for life and language in every poem of this honest, warm, perceptive first collection. "(Janice Dempsey - Write Out Loud)


"Tutti Frutti is a wonderful collection of condensed, original, witty poems. It both celebrates and exposes family members, former lovers and chance encounters. Intimates and strangers alike are observed with passion, tender insight, sadness and despair. It would be fair to describe Dino Mahoney’s Tutti Frutti as a collection of love poems to all those people, as well as to his younger self." (Kate Rogers - Cha: An Asian Literary Journal) 

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